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About Host Companies

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We are delighted to be one of the few organisations approved to offer the Professional Year Program in IT. This program offers students the skills and confidence needed to work effectively in the Australian workplace.

We offer your company cost-effective method to source highly qualified Interns that will fit within your corporate culture. Hosting interns can present new opportunities for your IT or Accounting departments. ECA is committed to quality education and providing ongoing support to allow students a successful pathway to permanent positions or other work prospects, for a long-term career within a professional environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Internship Consultants for more information. We look forward to working with you.

Ryan Delon one of the founders of Dossy, HR tech platform.

Benefits of Becoming An Internship Host

Participating in the ECA Internship Program has unique advantages for you as an employer. Changing employment needs in today’s organisations mean that students can serve as a valuable resource for organisations interested in effectively bridging the gap. Supporting one of our interns is a great way to:

  • Develop educational and industry links with ECA.
  • Build a working relationship with international and local graduates of the highest calibre.
  • Undertake projects that would not otherwise be completed due to limited human resources.
  • Gain knowledge from a motivated intern who will positively contribute to the success of your organisation.
  • Enrich your company in a cross-cultural exchange of perspectives.
  • Provide an excellent means for employers to enhance their image and recruitment activities.
  • Build a working relationship with prospective employees, and assess potential candidates and shape their technical competence to suit your company for possible employment after graduation.
  • Provide professional or para-professional staff support on short or long-term projects.
  • Work with graduates who are flexible, highly qualified, and prepared to cope with varied assignments.
  • The success of an organisation depends upon the people in it. ECA students are intelligent, highly motivated individuals. Through a mutual commitment from interns and host companies, organisations
  • Reap positive benefits and are able to focus on more projects with a wider scope.