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Welcome to the PY Career Accelerator Program (CAP)

We want to warmly welcome you to the Professional Year Career Accelerator Program (CAP) – the only PY Program in Australia that offers you a Job Placement Guarantee* and a fast track to the job of your dreams.

Luciano D’Ambrosi

General Manager ECA PY and ECA Internships

Luciano D’Ambrosi- General Manager ECA PY and ECA Internships


ECA PY CAP is an alternative to the Standard PY Program. Both programs are run by EC PY and ECA Internships, among Australia’s pre- eminent PY providers. Getting a career break is not easy! The PY Career Accelerator Program (CAP) is designed to provide the support you need to accelerate your chance of success. Apart from harnessing the power of the PY Program, you will have exclusive access to industry opportunities to give you the break you deserve.


  • A national internships team in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to match your credentials and preferences with 2,000 potential employers
  • Resume, interview and career coaching
  • 3 exclusive Roadmap to Success Workshops (Free):
    1. ‘A Positive Path to Employment’ – Oksana Eremina
    2. ‘The Power of a Personal Brand’ – Richard Roberts
    3. ‘Understanding Leadership Styles’ – Alec Gardner
  • If you don’t have paid employment within your professional field (IT) within 3 months of graduation, the second component of your total Tuition Fees ($4,000) won’t be activated.
  • ECA Employability Advantage suite of Digital Tools including Resume Builder, Interview Practice, Tech Skills Builder, Smart Skills Builder.




High Calibre Trainers and Industry Specialists

Our PY Trainers are recognised as among the finest in the industry. They seek to understand you first, then be understood bringing extensive teaching experience to international students, solid industry experience, and a genuine care for your outcomes. Our Trainers are a mix of long-serving and outstanding new additions to our growing team. You will be in the best of hands as you embark on your 1 year ‘employability finishing school’.

Job Placement Guarantee

With our Job Placement Guarantee, the second component of their Tuition Fees ($4,000) will not be activated if students don’t have a paid IT job within 3 months of graduation. See Terms and Conditions below.

National Internship Team focused on job placement

ECA Internships specialises in end to end internship management for PY CAP students. Our Team collect an Employability Skills Form from each student and along with the trainer approved resume will seek to match student requirements to 2,000 potential employers – to assist in launching student’s careers in IT.

ECAPY CAP turns Work Integrated Learning to launch your career

The PY Career Accelerator Program (CAP) helps you put your best foot forward to potential employers. Our national program works with over 2,000 host companies and we seek to match your requirements and preferences for your career with our industry partners.

Why choose CAP?

  1. A unique ‘Job Guarantee’ within Professional Year
  2. Focus on paid job placement beyond the PY program
  3. Access to 2,000 potential employers
  4. Resume, interview and career coaching
  5. Exclusive Roadmap to Success workshops
  6. ECA Employability Advantage suite of digital tools
Program Features PY Standard Program PY Career Accelerator
Specialist industry experienced trainers
Bonus workshops
12 week internship
Job Placement Guarantee
Career coaching and skill matching
3 complimentary ‘Roadmap to Success’ workshops
Employability Skills matching with industry
ECA Employability Advantage suite of Digital Tools


How to Apply?


Apply online on our website at the “APPLY NOW” or “APPLY ONLINE” tabs. Select from one of two program options – PY CAP or PY Standard, choose your location, intake date and fill in with all the required personal information.


Attach all the listed required documents in the online application form: passport, 485 visa grant letter or bridging visa copy, IELTS/PTE, academic transcript and completion letter.


Choose how to pay, check the box for: upfront payment or instalment plan. CLICK SUBMIT


Wait for an email from our admissions team with the Letter of Offer.


Pay or set up your instalments plan at the given link. Sign the Letter of Offer and provide a copy to PY Admissions.


Wait for your COE (Confirmation of Enrolment). You will receive by email instructions for your orientation and class program.


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Terms and Conditions – PY CAP

  1. The full Course Fees for the ECA Professional Year CAP Program is $11,500.00 – scholarships and promotions may apply at various times.
  2. The $11,500 Course Fees are payable in 2 separate Direct Debits via EzyPay. The initial Course Fees of $7,500 is payable upfront or in 8 monthly instalments of $937.50. The Job Placement Component of $4,000 is activated in 4 monthly instalments of $1,000 each only once the student attains a professional job in IT (and signs a contract) assisted by ECA Internships / Job Placement Team representatives. 
  3. The ECA PY Job Placement Guarantee cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  4. A Professional Job is defined as a minimum of 3 months paid part-time, casual or full-time contract. It is expected that longer roles will be secured in addition.
  5. PY CAP Students will receive exclusive access to the ECA Employability Advantage suite of digital tools.
  6. Following on from the PY course curriculum and career skills coaching, if the student does not attain a paid Professional Job in IT through ECA’s Job Placement Team prior to their graduation, the Job Placement Component of their Course Fees ($4,000) will not be activated.
  7. If the student has secured a job in IT but it has ended prior to the student’s graduation through the company facing changed market circumstances and not related to the student’s job performance, the Job Placement Component of their Course Fees ($4,000) will not be activated.
  8. The Job Placement Guarantee Component is available to students who seek job placement from either ECA Internships / Job Placement Team representatives. The Job Placement Component of their Course Fees ($4,000) is activated once the student secures a paid job in IT with assistance from either ECA Internships / Job Placement Team representatives. Success rates (‘job placement’) will be based on the technical skills and employability of the student and market opportunities. Whilst ECA will endeavour to create placement opportunities leading to a job placement, there are no guarantees to students of success in an interview.
  9. Students already employed in an IT role prior to commencing the PY (‘Employment-Based’) may elect to join CAP to secure a new career opportunity for a different role. Students that change their job during the PY year with the assistance of ECA Internships / Job Placement Team representatives are liable to pay the Job Placement Guarantee Component of their Course Fees ($4,000).
  10. Students already in an IT role at PY commencement (‘Employment-based’) that complete their internship with the same company and remain employed with the same company will not have the Job Placement Guarantee component of Course Fees ($4,000) activated.
  11. If the CAP student has not received a paid job in IT with the assistance of ECA Internships/Job Placement Team representatives, then the Job Placement Guarantee Component of their Course Fees ($4,000) will not be activated.
  12. Students signing up for PY CAP are unable to transfer to PY Standard. However, PY Standard students are able to transfer to PY CAP provided they do so before Week 10 of the PY program.
  13. Students that select CAP are expected to actively respond the measures taken to find paid employment and to protect the professional reputation of ECA within industry. The ECAPY Job Placement Team requires that all requests from its team and employers must be responded to promptly including attending all interviews set up punctually. Within the Employability Advantage (EA) Tool, CAP students must take the technical test which allows our Team to match the candidate with employment opportunities. Failure to comply with these requirements by CAP candidates will incur a $1,000.00 CAP Administration Fee.
  14. If a student receives a job offer but either fails to turn up for the job or declines the role, then they will incur a $1,000.00 CAP Administration Fee.

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