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Course Structure

The ECA Professional Year encompasses the following topics over 44 weeks:
The Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting (SMIPA) is a professional year program approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) available to overseas students who have an Australian accounting degree qualification as a result of at least two years’ study in Australia. SMIPA involves:

  • a minimum of 44 weeks’ training, including a 12-week internship placement with a relevant host company
  • professional development and practical hands-on learning, with an emphasis on workplace preparation: Culture, ethics and expectations
  • recognition as a pathway for 485 visa holders seeking permanent residency under general s_killed migration (GSM)

Successful completion of SMIPA attracts an additional 5 points under the GSM points test.
SMIPA was developed by CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Institute of Public Accountants. It is delivered by registered providers who have been approved by all three professional accounting bodies.

The ACS Professional Year Program (PYPIT) in Computing/lCT provides an additional pathway from university to employment within Australia by offering a job-readiness program to help equip you with the professional skills needed for a successful career in the Australian workforce.

The PY Program is delivered over a 44- to 52-week period. The program is designed to foster a greater awareness of the Australian workplace and culture, and empower graduates to develop their confidence and professional skills to be successful in the Australian workforce.

All PY students get one year of free ACS Membership which provides networking and professional development opportunities. ACS orientation introduces students

To the four course components and outcomes, and expectations to complete the program successfully.

The Communication and Performance in the Australian Workplace component focus on working in teams, participating in office meetings, negotiating, and preparing presentations.

Entry and Advancement in the Australian Workplace help students develop their awareness of networking and career entry and planning, including the preparation of application cover, resumes, and interviewing skills.

The Internship Placement provides practical ICT workplace experience in an Australian-based organisation doing work relevant to your field of expertise. While undertaking the Internship students complete the ACS Online Professional Environments Course which facilitates group discussion around project management, professional ethics, and risk aversion under the guidance of an ICT mentor and tutor.

Completion of this program will provide the Professional Year graduate with five (5) points under the Skilled Occupation List, as specified by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


Examine Australian workplace cultural norms and the values that underpin workplace behavior.

Learn Australian slang and small talk that will help you understand the Australian workplace and how people interact within the workplace.


Understand how and why diversity is highly valued in the Australian workplace. Identify how cultural relationships can contribute to your success.


If two brains are better than one, imagine a whole team! This topic is a study of team dynamics and how you can work effectively in your team. Sharpen your teamwork skills and build your workplace networks.


Think like an innovator. Learn how to think out of the box and apply those skills to your professional life.


You have the opportunity to review how you are progressing throughout the course, with ongoing assessments to identify different areas to focus on.


Get ready for that dream job. You will learn how to prepare your job application, resume and more.


Practice makes perfect. Learn the skills you need for a successful job interview and then practice applying skills in a mock interview. You will be provided with feedback on your interview strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve.


Start thinking like a business professional. You will start working in teams and apply your university education to real life scenarios.


Learn how to write business communications for a specific target audience and with a specific goal in mind. Get your audience´s attention and support from the start.


Hit the cultural and language marks in your presentations. You will be given feedback on how your presentations are received and how you can improve.

In addition to the Professional Year classroom component, students are also required to complete:

  1. A 240-hour Professional Internship over a minimum of 10 weeks.
  2. (IT Students only) An online Professional Environment (PE) while students are on their Internship. This program was developed by and managed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).